Day 345: This and That

Day 345: This and That

Today was more scattered than I would have liked. Distractions abounded throughout the day. I was, however, still able to *almost* get a full days’ work in, minus the writing tonight. But, that’s okay. Tomorrow is an off-day and I shall make those pages up. A new chapter has started, and those are always fun.

I helped my mom update her resume today. She’s applying for a new position at the same hospital, one that may not be quite so grueling hours-wise. We’ll see. She has so much freaking experience, I can’t imagine they wouldn’t hire her. I hope she gets it.

I also listened to some old John Digweed from his “Bedrock” mixed CD. That mix is 15 years old now. That’s just about how old I was when I first listened to it. Changed my life, that CD. I was “hooked” on progressive house. I’d dabbled here and there with trance and house, but it was that CD that really blew my mind. There wasn’t a trance melody in sight, and I couldn’t tell where one song ended and the next one began. It was subtle. It was cool.

I read about him online for about 20 minutes before I tore myself away to get ready for bed. I caught on to the underground dance music scene sooooo late in the game. I was just too young, and not from England. Stupid me.

Don’t you guys feel like England has almost *always* had the better music scene? At least from, like, the 1950s on. Harlem was pretty much where it was at before then, but after that? England. Ahead of the curve on practically everything….though, very interestingly enough, underground dance started in the US, *not* England. It was what England did with that scene that really took it to another level.

Looks like Coco might be sleeping over in her kennel tonight as opposed to on the bed. Not sure why, but hey, that’s her prerogative. Coops is down at the foot of the bed, as per usual.

Okay, guy, I need to go and plan out my day tomorrow. Lots of apartment stuff, maybe some golf, some writing…you know the drill. Busy busy busy. Trying to get as much done tomorrow as I can so that Friday, my second day off and the one before I go back to work for three days, Friday can be a very very lazy day, with plenty of rest. That’s what kept me going the first time around. But, Ira! you may protest. You’re only working three days! Yes, this is true…but I’m working 13 to 14 hour days, three days in a row. That’s a full work-week in three days, and then taking two days off before doing another full work-week in three days. It’s plenty exhausting.

Goodnight! I shall see you tomorrow 🙂 and with 8 pages written! And, perhaps some pages on the pilot script as well. In fact, we’re mandating that tomorrow. I shall report back to you then.