Day 351: Up

Day 351: Up

By all accounts, today should have felt like a “bad” day. I didn’t get anything done, except work on my outline for tomorrow. Pretty much everything else I’d tried to set up schedule-wise for myself fell through. And, for various reasons, it wasn’t just laziness or being “under the weather,” although there was definitely some of that, too.

It *should* have felt like a bad day…but it didn’t. It felt better. It felt like an actual off-day, which was something I needed it turns out.

I talked to a dear friend who’s going through some “life” stuff, I helped the Ho with some audition stuff, I did some apartment stuff, I took a snooze to ward off returning to feeling like I’m full-blown sick again, and then I did some outline work and took care of the doggies.

The night, then, was spent with Liz and our long-lost friend Gary, who’s in a “new” place with his boyfriend Derrick (I think it’s spelled like that, but it might be Derek :P). I say new with quotations because they’ve actually been there since May, we’re just *finally* getting over there to hang out. They made dinner, and we just had a nice time hanging out. It was the first time with Gary’s squeeze, and he was awesome. Legitimately. Not just because there’s a (very very slim) chance that Gary might read this. For reals. It was a fantastic, very easy, very fun dinner.

Liz has another audition tomorrow, so she worked on memorizing while I finished watching a couple things on the boob tube, and then we ran that stuff, and now here I am. Sitting in bed, feeling tired but less…disconnected. I feel more like myself.

Tomorrow is writing, grocery shopping, more writing, probably some nap-taking and then hope-to-god some actual time to do some cleaning or some organizing. Maybe top it off with watching something with Liz and doing Laundry. That would be a wonderful day.

We’ll see. It will all start with the writing and the grocery shopping. 🙂

Wish me luck!