Day 356: sdlkghssdll....

Day 356: sdlkghssdll….

I was tired today 😛

I kinda forget how much these three days back-to-back really wipe me out. I slept until noon today. NOON. And, I mean slept. It wasn’t me waking up and being all “oh, I should be lazy and sleep some more.” Nope. I woke up having no idea what time it was, and it was noon.


I don’t think I’ve done that since…well, working till like 2 or 3am at Maggiano’s and then sleeping till 1pm the next day. It was crazy.

My football team was stupid today, something that I feel is going to be an on-and-off theme this season. They’ll have a chance if they get into the playoffs, but no longer are they the dominant team they’ve been the past three years. Too much has changed, and those in place of the departed just don’t have the elite swagger of their predecessors.

Got my writing done, that’s moving along. Did some organizing in the office. Not nearly as much as I wanted to, but hey. That’s what I get for waking up at freaking NOON.

Can you tell I’m a little embarrassed about that? yeah…

Liz made the most freaking delicious stew tonight. It was amazing. The best part, and I would never have thought of it left to my own devices, was that she poured the soup out on top of this amazing bread, so that the bread was at the bottom of the soup bowl and soaked through. Soooooo good. And then we watched a Lisa Ling episode on the oil boom that’s going on up in North Dakota, and how these small towns are booming like freaking CRAZY with all the people going up there for work. It was super interesting.

That’s all I got for tonight. We’re going early tomorrow AM to get Flu shots at Equity. Neither of us want to get sick this year with the flu, that’s for sure. Maybe it will even protect me against what happened at the beginning of this year. Hope so.

More tomorrow 😉