Day 378: Forty Sevens

Day 378: Forty Sevens

I learned something magical today: the number 47 is everywhere. I had no idea. I’m a self-proclaimed Trek aficionado and even I’d never heard of it before. How did that happen? It’s even on Wikipedia.

I’m debating whether or not to explain it here on my blog, or just tell anyone else who’s reading this to go and read about it for themselves. It’s easily findable with a google search of “Joe Menosky” and “47”…I think i’ll pretty much leave it at that, except to say it’s a conspiracy of the inside joke variety, and it’s been going on since the 1980s on television, and since the 70s if you went to Pomona College.

I got my work done today, despite that fact that I really didn’t even get started till 4 in the afternoon. It was a day almost entirely hijacked by apartment business….but *not* entirely. I also got lucky with some quick lessons, and bam! Finished just three minutes shy of a full 20-minute day.

The writing was so-so, but I got it done.

The Voyager episodes tonight while I was working down the home stretch were surprisingly good. Both of them. One was a grifter-type episode in the spirit of The Sting, which is one of my favorite movies, by the way. Another was a odd little episode about B’Elanna stuck on a planet where a playwright finds her and starts writing dramas about Voyager and its crew. I know! They both sound like those bullshit little side episodes of Star Trek where nnooottthhhinnngggg happens…but it was a lesson in execution, folks. Execute your story, write it well, and it will rise above. And, these two did.

Man…that’s all I think I have tonight. I need tomorrow to be a good old boring work day…I’m hoping the writing picks up tomorrow. I struggle with this “villain” stuff, which is what I was writing today. I need something to make him more scary…which is hard, because we’re not supposed to *know* that he’s scary until later…or at least our main character isn’t. But, then again, maybe that’s a mistake. I don’t know.

Good night y’all. Day one of six, assimilated. Tomorrow, day two.