Day 385: Sunday Monday

Day 385: Sunday Monday

It feels like Sunday right now for me. Even though it’s Sunday. It’s because it’s my second day off and I have work tomorrow 😛

I got my nap in today. I got my writing in today. I have the pups curled up next to me as I write this, and a fridge stocked full with food for the next nine days because I got my grocery shopping today. With the Panda! We never get to go grocery shopping together, but we did tonight 🙂

I don’t know about you guys, but I freaking love grocery shopping. I feel like that’s almost like making the declaration that I like food…I realize that, but I said it anyway. I always feel much more relaxed and able to focus when I have food in the fridge. And, holy bejesus, but the holidays are upon us in full force. It’s like t-minus four weeks till the Ho and I take off for the North and Christmas times.

Just thinking about that trip makes me pretty happy. It will be a little different this year since my brother Scott and his squeeze Addie are not going to be making it out west from Chicago this year. Sad face. But still…I *love* taking that holiday trip each year. I will never ever take that for granted after all the years I had to spend working down here in LA till just before Christmas, and then only getting to be home for a day or two before coming back down to work again. I hated that. And working Thanksgiving. Ugh. It sucks, guys. Those of you still working in the retail or service industry know exactly what I’m talking about. It SUCKS. So…those of us who are in industries that take those holidays off, enjoy it. Don’t take it for granted being able to travel and see your families. It’s a wonderful thing.

I’m posting this one early tonight because I plan on going to bed early. I think I’m going to snuggle up for an episode of Voyager, and then let the Benadryl take over and knock me out cold. The allergies are BANANAS right now, guys. I went like three months without needing allergy meds at night…but then November rolled in and changed that big time.

The novel is really going good right now. I’m majorly in a groove, and the prospect of being FINISHED with it in 5 weeks…well, that’s very exciting. Finished with the rough draft, anyway. It will take some major rewriting, I’m sure. But, I’m also confident, guys, that the bones are good. It’s a book I would enjoy reading. There will be plenty of tidying up, and some pumping up here and there of the adventure and the stakes…but the framework for a good book is already there. For sure.

I was talking with my brother on FaceTime today, and he was talking about how it’s always best to go to a publisher with a series, or at least a book that can become a series. He was wondering if I had a publisher. I told him not yet, but that will come at some point. Right now, it’s just a matter of writing. 3 pages every day. And then, he got it. He said, “oh, so this is kind of a ‘Ira is going to write 3 pages a day for the rest of his life’ sort of thing?’ And, yup. He nailed it. That’s exactly what this is. All the goals I want to achieve will come. I just need to keep writing. 3 pages a day.

Every day is a step. Part of the process.

I had a good day today. Tomorrow is going to start off rough, I can tell you that already. I have a haircut immediately after food-times and walking the dogs, then an apartment showing immediately after getting back home. That means I won’t be able to start working till after lunch, which is a third of my day. I just have to find a way to get around that, is all. I can do it. It’ll take some focus, but I can do it.

I’ll be here tomorrow to let you know how it goes 😉