Day 387: Recovery

Day 387: Recovery

I’m t-minus 20 minutes away from indulging my pillow’s beckoning glances in my direction. So soft. So fluffy. Pillows are just really supportive, you know?

I had a better day today. Much better. Crises situations were diffused and averted, and a rough start to the day editing-wise was rallied against later in the evening. I broke a record today. In the last 2 hours (plus maybe 10 or 15 minutes) I completed 13 minutes of finished edited footage. 8 minutes of that *was* one of the lesson types that I love to grab and save my day from slipping away from me…but the other 5 minutes weren’t. I finished a 4 minute 50 second lesson tonight in an hour. An hour! I could hardly believe my own eyes.

It really saved my ass. I covered what got lost yesterday, and made up ground on the bit that I’ve been behind for about the last week. Tomorrow, if I get another of the “easy” lessons to land on my doorstep, I could catch up completely. Jesus that would be amazing. And, even if it doesn’t happen tomorrow, it will the next day. Or the next day after that. I’m in a good place.

The writing took a small hit today. I shut it down a full page short of the 3-page goal. But, it’s okay. I will write 4 pages tomorrow. I needed to get back on track with my paid work.

In fact, I just finished my writing. Tonight, I was thinking about how nice it is, this current writing schedule, to be able to write basically a single little scene, or just a couple of moments, and then be done for the day. I’m really able to flesh them out that way, make each beat specific, and reveal something specific about a character, plot, or even just a setting. I love it. I really do. Maybe some day when I’ve finished as much work as I want to with this strategy, I’ll write a book or a pamphlet about this 3 pages a day thing.

It all comes down to the do less more often mantra. Life actually happens in steady, daily steps. And look at how much happens and changes in life. It’s the same with any task that seems to big or complicated to undertake and finish: the small, steady steps are already in that big daunting task, I just have to shine a light on them and use them. Everything becomes much more manageable that way. 90,000 words is A LOT of words. I can’t fathom that as one chunk. But, I can absolutely fathom 900 words a day. 3 pages. A couple beats, or a small scene. Easy.

Okay, it’s almost 12:30. Going to bed on time has been the only way I’ve managed to keep going and not burn myself out, so to my pillow’s siren call I will capitulate. And to you, dear reader, I wish good night.

See…this is what happens when Ira writes just before doing the blog. He gets all pretentious and amazing badass with words. You’re welcome!