Day 410: I write by keyboard light

Day 410: I write by keyboard light

I turned my bedside light off before opening up the wordpress app to write this entry. I have no idea why I did that, but here we are. This “new” keyboard has a nifty feature that backlights the keys, so you can see them in the dark. Pretty cool. Also, pretty sure it will run the battery out on this thing like 10 million times faster 😛

Work was a struggle again today. I’m just tired. Pooped. The end is near, and I have this one last push to get through before the promised land…of vacation and then back to the grind.

We put the down comforter back on the bed for the first time of the “cold” season down here tonight. Love it! Because the pups were already on the bed, we had to move them in order to get the comforter on, and Coops is currently curled up right next to me on top of Liz’s pillow in a little blanket fort. He loves it. I love it. It’s cozy and adorable. The Coco is curled up on the blanket just below him, on the normal bed.

I got a suuuper fast 5 pages done today for my writing session, and I think I can actually get that many done tomorrow, too. It’s an action sequence, and a super fun one at that, so you know, the words fly pretty quickly. That will get me pretty much caught up, too, from the two days of being behind. Actually, I just did the math. If I can do five pages tomorrow, and then five pages on Sunday, THEN I will be all caught up from missing two days of writing. That would be nice. That’ll be the goal, then.

The book is definitely feeling like it’s ramping up to something…which is good because I’m, like, 40 pages from the end. 85,000 words! Crazy! And, it might actually be a bit more than that after some rewrites. There were a few sections early-on that I remember I thought of expanding a bit…but then again, there may be several sections worth cutting out…we’ll see. At the end of the day, it’s going to be somewhere between 85k and 90k. I’m not adding a whole other 10,000 words. No way.

I realized I haven’t put my mouthguard in, which I need to go do. I haven’t worn it the last two nights, and that wasn’t a good idea per se. My jaw feels a little tight. It’s the clenched feeling of being so close to wrapping up the year work-wise, but not quite being there yet.

It rained today, and OH SHIT. I TOTALLY ALMOST FORGOT ABOUT THE TORNADO THIS MORNING. Yes. You absolutely 100% read that correctly. A motherfucking tornado in downtown LA. Was that guy that directed 2012 and The Day After Tomorrow in charge of the weather or what? Sure, it was a category 0 tornado, which means it was the smallest a tornado can actually be…but still. I *was* a tornado, and it touched down and destroyed some roofing and some trees.

So yeah…the apocalypse has actually come to pass here in SoCal. It rained like the dickens over night and then throughout the morning, but then we were dry for the rest of the day. Makes for walking the doggies a bit easier. This morning the Ho and I took them out in full rain gear, complete with jackets and booties. Which they hate, obviously, because they’re not into self-humiliation.

Kristen came over tonight, too, whilst I was working obviously, and she gave me a christmas present which was this beanie that SHE MADE WITH HER BEAR HANDS. I was super impressed, it fits, and it’s awesome. I have two beanies to wear now. And, this one is super warm, which is great.

Okay, it’s now time for the sleeps. See you crazy kids tomorrow after some rest. I NEED IT.