Day 425: Tacos

Day 425: Tacos

It’s cold tonight here in Ferndale. Not quite freezing, but still pretty cold. Humboldt gets cold like that when it’s clear out, and it was almost totally clear tonight. A few clouds in the sky.

We went over to Robbie and Jerry’s tonight for tacos and some fun. We brought the wedding book, which seemed to be a big hit, and caught up with some old friends. Shayna and Levi, Robbie and Jerry’s kids were there, as was another old friend in Connor…and that was just the beginning. The Spinsters club was all there, Jan, my mom, Robbie, and Annie. Shayna, Levi, and Connor I literally hadn’t seen in probably 20 years. At least Levi and Connor. Shayna I feel like I saw a little bit during High School, since she was a couple years behind me.

Everyone has grown up so much now, we’re all, like adults. Which is especially a trip when you haven’t seen someone since they were a child…and now they’re this adult. It’s weird. I’m starting to feel old now for reals, is what I’m saying. And not that I’m “old”, like I feel like a senior, but old in that, like, actual TIME has passed in my life. Real time. Not just kid time.

Before that, it was really a pretty chill day of walking the dogs, helping my mom clean out the rubbish from Christmas, and then taking a quick nap on the couch. Still feeling pretty bushwacked from working so hard to finish the year and all the traveling. I doubt that will dissipate any time soon, probably not until we’re home back in LA.

There were brief thoughts of driving out towards Blue Lake to check out the Fish Hatchery that they have up there, which I remember being a rather pretty drive, but we simply didn’t have enough time. We had a deadline to meet with dinner up at Robbie and Jerry’s.

I had a long convo with Jerry about Sci Fi. Apparently, he’s with this Sci Fi “group” up here, and they meet on the regular to talk about science fiction-y type stuff, and then they all watch a movie together. Sometimes classic sci fi, sometimes newer stuff. Sounded like a fun, a “book club” type deal, or just a club in general. He’s writing a book, a book about time travel right now, and he confessed he’s started and stopped a few times, so we talked some shop about writing philosophy. I told him honestly to just find whatever rhythm that was natural to him, and write what you love. That’s the real ticket, I think. Write what you love. If you can get your writing to where you love it, then you’re golden. The rest will just come with practice.

Aight, kids. That’s enough for now. I’m tired, as usual. Random return of a sore throat for some completely unknown reason tonight. Happened around, like, 8:30. No idea why. Hopefully is gone by morning time.