Day 435: Vacations

Day 435: Vacations

…they aren’t as easy as they sound. At least not for me, when I’m home, that is.

It’s not a joke, actually. I’m having these wild impulses to do exorbitant amounts of work, and I’m only what, three days into this self-imposed “staycation?” I did my writing hour today, but I started stressing over doing more than that, or I should do this! or I should do that!…I’m *actively* trying to fill my day with work to do…which was not the point of this week. The point of this week, and I think at least a couple more throughout the course of this year, is to RELAX. To *not* work.

See, when I work too much for too long, or let myself get too wound up, I get sick. I break down. It happened two weeks ago at the start of our holiday travels. Well, it put a major wrench in the beginning of my year last year, and I don’t want a repeat of that shit. So, the idea was to just take this week off. This first full week of January after working like a maniac for the months of November and December and then traveling for two weeks straight.

It’s not as easy as it sounds. It really isn’t.

But! I restrained myself. I actually took a nap tonight because I was, in fact, exhausted. And, that’s the thing. I am freaking wiped out. Still. And I do NEED to relax, and to rest, or I will be right back where I was last year, and I’ll lose two months of productivity. I went a played a baby round of golf. This morning I went and got donuts, because you know, why not?

And, tonight I watched more TNG bluray, including an episode with commentary from Ronald D. Moore and Brannon Braga, “Reunion,” which is the episode where Worf’s girlfriend comes back to the Enterprise…and she’s got a kid in tow. Yup. Enter Alexander.

Anyway, that was fun. And, it’s totally fun to finally be watching these blu-rays that I’ve pounced on over the past two and a half years. Or maybe just two years. But, I have all of them now, all seven seasons, and some of those later seasons I’ve never actually seen all the episodes of, so that will be fun.

Just had like a 20 minute sesh with the Bear, who just came home from a movie premier with our friend Aaron Takahashi (The Wedding Ringer, go see it January 16th, he’s the hilarious asian guy), watching movies of our dogs on my iPhone. Sounds lame (the movies on my iPhone). They weren’t.

It’s sleeps time now. I’m also thirsty. Oh, and I’ve come up with a new name for Kleenex tissues…nose napkins. It’s alliteration, and it’s amazing. You may now use it and put it in your rap songs.

Tonight’s artwork is by Greg Winters and is apparently the cover of some amazing Star Wars novel, one for young adults, by the look of it.