Day 441: Distractions

Day 441: Distractions

Tonight’s artwork is a badass movie poster for a bad movie by Matt Ferguson, whom we’ve posted on here before. His Trek movie posters are AMAAAAZZZINNNGGGG.

First day back in 2015, and I had a chance to make it a pretty easily successful first day…and I allowed myself to get distracted. As per usual. At least I’m consistent, right?

I’ll make it up tomorrow. For reals. I’m not going to allow myself to be distracted tomorrow. Or the next day. I’m pledging that right now, and I mean it. This year I want two things to be different about how I work: I want to do less self-sabotage in terms of slacking off because I know I can still crunch down and get a bunch done at the last minute, that’s #1. #2 is then that I want to do less beating myself up if I do fall behind; have more faith that I will, in fact, get everything done that I need to.

I’m currently practicing #2. I knew today was going to be a struggle. It’s my first day back. Yes, I indulged in that, allowed myself to do things other than just focus solely on editing…but it was also my first day back to work. Rhythm is tough to grab just like that, and such.

Our house guest is here. Ker-bear, as we call her. Kerry visited us this time a couple years ago, and it’s very nice to have her back. We’re going to do a game night on Thursday, which is gonna be off the hook. In fact, she brought an “unauthorized” expansion pack of sorts called “Crabs Adjust Humidity”…which is just about the most hysterical parody name of Cards Against Humanity that I’ve ever heard. And the logo is amazing. It’s a crab claw on a humidity thermostat. Obviously.

Anyway, I think tonight’s entry will stop here. I’m fairly pooped given all the work I *didn’t* do…cest la vie. Till tomorrow young squires!