Day 442: The Struggle is Real

Day 442: The Struggle is Real

I like artwork with a story built into the image. Tonight’s has that, and it’s by Larry Elmore.


Okay, so today *was* a struggle, for reals. Second day in a row. Hoping tomorrow is better, and that’s really all I have to say about that. I did get in a full day of work, finished product-wise, but it was only because of the easy shit I was able to get my hands on, not because of any focus or work ethic.

But! But…we’re taking it easy on that this year, aren’t we. Everything shall be okay. Hopefully, tomorrow brings better focus, more work, etc.

I got to talk with my mom today for a while as I was walking the pups, that was nice. She’s loving her new companion, Mr. Jojo the maltese. They went out to the beach. He loved it. He sat in the back seat while she drove home, which was when I caught her on the phone, and they stayed patiently back there once she was home and sat in the car talking to me.

The Ho had her first pilot audition of the season. Let the madness begin! Oh, and an old friend got nominated for his work in the sitcom that he’s done for the past couple years up in Canada. A Canadian Screen Award, I think it was called. Pretty cool stuff.

I also got my writing done today. Not much, but I did sit down to get it down for a solid 45 minutes. That felt nice. I realized that I have a lot of unrest, actually, because I’m not writing something at the moment. And, I guess I realized by “something” I really mean prose. A book. A novel. The script writing doesn’t feel the same. Now, perhaps that just because I’m coming back to it after being away from it for several months…but it is what it is. Writing prose is definitely something I feel very at ease with…

I think that’s all for tonight. I have to get up stupidly early tomorrow for some apartment building-related stuff. Ugh. Shoot me now.