Day 449: Tennising and other shenanigans

Day 449: Tennising and other shenanigans

I got to play tennis today with a friend that I haven’t seen in a quite a while. It was the *perfect* kind of day for tennising; overcast, cool, no wind. This is the time of year to do it, man. And, the courts we went to had been recently resurfaced, so it was extra-fancy.

I haven’t played since…I can’t even remember. I might do a blog search after I write this entry tonight and see if it was within the time span that I’ve been writing every day. I’m not actually sure that it was, and I’m pretty sure it was with this same friend. Regardless…it’s been a loooonngggg time. And, as luck would have it, I actually have a pair of other friends who are interested in perhaps playing tennis on a semi-regular basis as well. We’ll just have to see how it all unfolds, won’t we?

So, that was basically the first thing that I did today. After that, I mailed off a package, a return actually, on a toy that I’d bought for shits and giggles off Amazon, but I then found for waaayyyy cheaper from another website. Then, I motored myself over to the Target in Van Nuys to pick up the last two closet shelving units we needed for me to do an overhaul of the den closet, which is home to my tools and various other apartment-related stuff. I did that after I ate some lunch, and it was glorious. Glorious I say! Then, I took a pretty quick nap with the Ho and the pups. I actually twitched in my sleep so hard that it startled Liz next to me. I told her after I woke up, that I was actually dreaming about tennis, and I hit the ball in my dream, and so my left arm twitched in reality. True story.

After the quick sleeps (in which I also realized I definitely had some man-musk going on…more on that later), it was up to walk the dogs and call my dad, see how he was doing. He was down in the Bay with me moms for the weekend because my brother Scott had come into town. Now he’s back up north with Jojo, and they’re having a grand olde timey together. My dad called Jojo the “perfect dog” at one point during our conversation on the phone. I thought that was pretty sweet. It’s their first indoor dog, and it sounds like he’s very well-mannered, which is just what I wanted for them.

We were home after that, and I knew I had energy still to get something else done before it was dinner time, and I also knew that I wanted to sit on the chaise lounge after dinner and get some writing done. So, I decided to FINALLY bring out the broom and the SwiffJet and clean our laminates…a feat that has not been done since…well, around the last time I played tennis most likely. A long time ago. But, I did it, then ate some quick dinner, and started the laundry.

Coops was my buddy on the chaise lounge, and we did some writing on the spec pilot. I’m digging my rewrites so far. Making things on the show a bit more fun, you know? And some more character introduction stuff. Ooo, I just had another idea to put in the scene I wrote tonight…some showing not telling kind of stuff. I just took a five minute skip over there to write down what I’d just thought of. I hope these rewrites get me where I want to go with this script. We’ll just have to see, won’t we?

Then, I helped the Ho get some software back on her computer. She had to do a wipe and reformat for some unknown reason. We were afraid it was hardware-related, but everything seems to be working fine now that the OS has been reinstalled. Finished folding the last bits of the laundry, and then I jumped (well, stepped, really) into the shower to wash away that too-sexy man musk…

…and here we are. It was a full day, and a nice day. Things are good. I’m planning out my day tomorrow, and it’s going to be full of some couch potato vegitativeness for sure. Looking forward to it. Then, back to work on Thursday and Friday. Such is life, folks.

See you tomorrow, kids!

Tonight’s artwork is uncredited, unfortunately, but taken from 70sSciFiArt