Day 454: Quickie

Day 454: Quickie

Another amazing one tonight from Don Dixon.

Tonight’s is a quickie. I left my iPad out in the living ell and I just don’t have it in me to go out and get it 😛

Sad, but true!

Got my reading/editing done today. Got to hang with the Ho all day which was awesome. We haven’t had one of those for a while, at least with us both not working. Hung out with the dogs. We looked at health insurance (ouch). Went on an extra long walk and stopped by Joe and Madhuri’s to leave him some fresh Ralph’s-made soup because he wasn’t feeling well. He wasn’t actually home, but we got to say hi to Madhuri and leave it with her.

Then I sorted through the rest of my old records, deciding which ones I loved enough to actually keep out somewhere I could snag and play them if I wanted, and which ones to put away into deep storage. After that, we finally started watching Homeland. It’s a complete reset of the show this season, and honestly it’s a good move. All the Brody stuff was totally and completely sucked dry well before the end of the last season, so we’ve finally moved on.

Anyway, tomorrow *might* be a workday. We’ll see. I’m playing tennis with Reed, a new(ish) friend, and that’s at noon. Planning to get some writing work done before that happens, and then we’ll see how the afternoon goes. If it’s not a work day, I’ll just make it up on Friday. Easy peasy.