Day 455: Rainy Sidewalk

Day 455: Rainy Sidewalk

Concept artwork for Return of the Jedi tonight by Ralph McQuarrie, in honor of Reed and myself talking about Star Wars today.

It’s raining in LA right now. I love it when it does, it makes it feel a little bit like my home growing up.

I used to love going through the forest after it had rained, especially if it had been a strong storm with wind and stuff. You’d see the branches that had fallen down, and any other mayhem. On the rare occasions when it was sunny the next morning, you’d see steam rising up off the logs and bushes everywhere you looked. Mushrooms would have freshly sprung up from the ground. You’d have to watch your step on the fallen logs that no longer had bark on then because they’d be really slippery.

I grew up on four acres of redwood forest. That place was my temple, and the source of my imagination. That forest on 80 Quail Valley Road was the first place I told stories. And, it was always beautiful after it rained. Cold? Never. Just put on rain boots and a jacket.

But, yeah, another rain storm down here in LA. It actually did come as they predicted it would back a week or so ago. Well done meteorologists! Before the rain came, I got to play some tennis with Mr. Reed Clement. Finally! It was a good couple weeks in the making, but we did it, and we had a grand time. He’s a cool cat, I think we’ll have fun together.

I also got some solid work done on the pilot script today, making up for some slacking the past couple days. It was easy work. Might be shit, but then again, it might not be. We’ll see. I got my reading/editing on the novel done too. 15 pages a day is *totally* doable, which makes me feel great. If the text is really rough, it takes an hour, but usually it’s less than that. About a half hour. It’s also good in that it makes it pretty easy to catch up if I miss a day.

Got some apartment stuff done, too, with Danny the electrician. Then, I made pumpkin bread from TJs that we just never made and I let that bake (and then ate some) while I watched DS9 and felt my Benadryl kick in. Yes, the allergies are still majorly here in a major way. I just didn’t feel like writing about them the past couple days. It’s the time of year, I guess.

Anyway, those drugs are kicking in for reals, yo, and I am thus out. Tomorrow is a work day. Gonna go schedule that out before I hit the sack. Well, not *hit* it, but lie on it peacefully and contentedly.