Day 456: We'll See

Day 456: We’ll See

I was just doing my reading/editing of the novel for the night, and I realized I read 7 pages more than I was supposed to. It’s hard for me to say that it “sucked me in,” because that rarely happens with something I’ve written. I can’t help but read it with a more editorial and critical eye since it was something that spilled out of my imagination…it’s hard to wipe that blank and then let the writing populate my mind from the ground up. I already did that when I first wrote it 😛

But, yeah, got the editing done on the book, got the script writing done this morning, and I got *almost* all the editing done too. A minute and a half short, which is nothing to worry about. So, I won’t. It was a good day.

Oh, there were also a few apartment-related shenanigans that needed attending to. Did those. A couple hanging balls in the air are finally coming down…weird metaphor…meaning projects are finally getting finished. Das is goot.

I finished the first three seasons of Deep Space Nine today. I watched seasons Four through Seven last year, and then I went and watched Voyager from beginning to end. I wasn’t sure what to watch next, so I opted to watch the first three seasons of DS9 that I’d skipped. I’m glad I did. It’s fascinating to watch a show evolve and grow up, especially at high speed back-to-back on netflix while working.

I’m not sure what to play now in the background while I work…not TNG. I’m watching that on Blu Ray, and I want to do the same with the Original series…Enterprise? Blech. We’ll see…

Small entry tonight, it’s time for the sleeps. Tomorrow is more of the same. Work and writing. The grind continues. Thinking Thursday will be that, too, but I might try to split it between Thursday and Friday. We’ll see. (

Artwork tonight, very trippy and Escher-esque sci fi in my opinion, is by Frank R. Paul.