Day 461: Inches

Day 461: Inches

I watched the Super Bowl today. It was quite a game. Back and forth the entire time, with several momentum switches. It was really all about the last 2:00 of the game, tho. Pats scored the go-ahead touchdown right before the 2 minute warning, which meant the then-receiving Seahawks didn’t have to use a timeout to stop the clock. A hawks receiver had a *ridiculous* catch that was tipped away from him, bounced off his leg, and he then grabbed it before it hit the ground. Would have gone down in the history books as one of the greatest catches ever in football…except the Seahawks decided to throw the ball on the 1-yard line on 2nd down…and it was intercepted by the Pats to win the game. With Marshawn Lynch, undeniably the best most unstoppable running back in football, with one single tiny yard to go and three downs left to get there…you throw the ball. For the Pats, despair turned to elation. For the Seahawks, triumph turned to brutal defeat. In an instant. Inches.

It’s why I love sports. Anything can happen, and crazy shit happens all the time. On the regular!

I got some work done today, but not nearly as much as I’d hoped. So, I’m officially in a little funk. A four-day funk. I was trucking along last week, man, until that one day where everything got hijacked, and then it snowballed from there because I had things planned for each of the next several days. I’m definitely feeling claustrophobic from that failure…but eventually I will see that it just is what it is and move on.

Tomorrow is a work day. There will be a few interruptions, but they won’t stop me from getting everything done. You heard it right here. I am resolute that I will end this week completely on-goal for the new month.

That’s right! Today is the first day of February. January seemed like a long month. For reals. There were some struggles, to be sure, some ups and downs productivity-wise and confidence-wise…but I still got shit done. Another draft of the pilot: check. A month’s worth of work done (with the minor exception of the last day): check. Almost half my novel read with minor edits: check. Life is good. I still have some more of the reading on the novel to do tonight, which I’ll go after shortly…but it’s *definitely* not a downer of a month. It wasn’t as smooth as I wanted it to be, but it was successful.

Now, February, we do it all over again. I have some lofty goals for this short month, and I have (most of the time) a calm confidence that I will reach each of them. Like I said, my psyche right now is a little bruised from the last four days of slacking and failure…but, not tomorrow. And that’s what matters.

I ranted a bit last night, so I didn’t really get to talk about my day much, but I went golfing for the first time this year. Got to try out my two new clubs, my 3 and 5 woods. It was a struggle of a round, but I also shined in several areas at various times. And, it was the first time going out with Jeff, a new-ish friend and a legitimately wonderful golf partner. And, the dude is pretty good. It was really, really fun. I really, really like playing golf.

Then, I came home and the Ho and I worked on some of her audition stuff. Pilot season week 1 is here. Three auditions already, and I’m betting she’ll get one more, if not two. It’s a stressful time, and a lot of work, but it’s also exciting as well. She’s gonna kill it this year, I know it. And kill it with bookings all over the place, in your face.

Anyway…that’s all for tonight. This is posting early cuz gramps is tired. I want to start off the work week on the right foot tomorrow. It’s all a master plan, you see.

Good night!

No artist credit tonight, unfortunately, but it was taken from 70sSciFiArt