Day 478: Jelly Mind

Day 478: Jelly Mind

Ralph McQuarrie artwork tonight from the aborted ’78 Trek flick Planet of the Titans…how have I never heard about this until now?

My mind is jelly at the mo’…

It’s been a long day. I had checked out a couple more work-intensive lessons to do because at the time they were all that was available to me. Well, “easier” work popped up, but I honestly felt like mixing it up a little bit, and so I just kept the harder lessons and stuck with doing them today. It got me a little bit behind, but I’m not regretting it too much. A change of pace is always a bit welcome, and for some reason, doing these harder lessons seems to ground me somehow. I don’t feel as much like I should be overachieving…they can have a nice rhythm to them. Not a super fast rhythm, mind you, but a rhythm nonetheless.

Tomorrow is an off day. I have a new vacuum and some cleaning to do. Also, my “super rare” phaser toy comes in tomorrow and for some reason I’m excited about that. It’s a $50 toy, but that’s what my “discretionary” money is supposed to be for anyway, isn’t it? Fun things here and there that aren’t too expensive.

Money is getting a little tight at the moment because a bunch of work hasn’t gone through and been invoiced, so that’s slightly worrisome…BUT…I should be getting paid in the next day or two, and that will bring cash up to where it’s supposed to be. There just hasn’t been any savings yet this year. I realize we’re only 6 weeks in, which is only two pay periods. If I’d done a full months worth of work in January like I’d planned, we’d have savings right now, but that didn’t happen. Well, it *is* happening this month, and it will for every month after that, too. The savings will come. I’m looking forward to that.

Also looking forward to seeing that money cushion grow into a trip to Scandinavia and seeing the northern lights as well 🙂 2016, baby. The year the Ho and I *finally* travel outside of North America together. She’s done it plenty of times…I never have 😛

I remain fairly optimistic that my allergies are, in fact, related to dust in our apartment. Most of them, at least; what’s causing me to wake up every morning with congested sinuses and a headache.

Oh! And I watched most of Dallas Buyers Club today. I’ll try to write more about it tomorrow if I get time to finish it, which I should since it’s about 20 minutes from the end. Really good movie. Surprising me. I am not a big believer in Matthew McConaughey’s ability to play anything other than himself, and I definitely watched the first half of that movie seeing just that in my mind…until somewhere after the halfway point where I realized I wasn’t any more, and I was actually caring about what was happening. I’m really not sure if it was deserving of the Oscar win for him, I’d have to look again at the performances last year…but damn. It’s a good movie, and a genuinely good performance from McConaughey…who’d have thunk it?

That’s all for tonight. I’ll catch y’all on the flip!