Day 481: Zombified

Day 481: Zombified

And crusty fried and all the other -ied words.

It was a loooonnngggg day today. It’s currently pushing 2am. BUT…I got a mountain of work done. It was precisely the kind of day that I needed, and I’m grateful I was able to swing it that way. 28 minutes of finished product, I do believe, and that was entirely without any of the “cheat” lessons that I can do in like 45 minutes. No, it was all work today. Not slog, otherwise it would have literally been impossible to do that many minutes, but still…real work.

Anywho, nothing else happened today. This was already going to be a “le tired” type entry, but there really isn’t anything else to report. I just worked today 😛

Tomorrow is tons of shenanigans…birthday party, agility, gonna finish the last chapter of my book, a few apartment things, then an Oscar party. It’s gonna be ridic.

Good night, y’all. Should have more to write about tomorrow 😛