Day 486: Man Time

Day 486: Man Time

Tonight’s artwork is from Jonh Schoenherr.

I just got back from having a man hangout with a “new” friend. We went to a bar down the street, had some whiskey, put some hair on our chests, and just shot the shit. Got to know each other. Shared, and debated, and asked questions about each other, found common ground, and differences. You know, the kinds of things that males have reveled in for a long time. Liz is laughing at me because it sounds so gay. Le sigh. It’s a bro-ness that ladies will never understand. Acutally, that’s totally not true. I entirely backtrack from that statement. Ladies have those kinds of friendships with dudes all the time, they call it the “friend zone.”

I was talking about that exact thing today earlier with another friend of mine, who was in from out of town and I haven’t seen for a while: friendship, and how it changes as we get older. It’s so simple when we’re younger, right? We’re in school with these people, or we see them through our parents mutual friends. You’re only exposed to so many people, you know? From that pool, you have only a certain choice of friends to make. They live down the block, or they’re into the same toys you are, etc. Well, I think that actually never really changes, and we expect it to. Friends, in the long run of time and space, are a matter of circumstances, really. We all have our own lives to live, and because we all go in our own directions, we end up losing touch with groups of people because of time and space.

I guess that’s a long way to say that it was nice to see my friend David today, someone whom I haven’t seen in a long time. It was also nice to hang out with a new friend, someone I seem to have a lot in common with and don’t tire of their company. As I get older, the more I realize that’s a hard thing to find.

I *also* got to hang out tonight with by brother Scott’s long-time girlfriend Addie, who Liz and I genuinely adore. She’s in town on a work trip, hopefully something she’ll be able to do somewhat on the regular (as in a couple times a year), and she worked it into her schedule to come by and hang out for a couple hours. We walked the dogs, drank some wine, and just caught up and laughed, really. It was wonderful to see her, we were super happy to have her come over to hang out, and we just had a great time.

So, yeah, today was a day of social activities. Making connections, new and old.

I also got work done today, the minutes I needed to, so that was good. Tomorrow, man, I haven’t even really thought about tomorrow. I might mostly use tomorrow as a “recovery” day from the week, get some rest and relaxation in. I do know that Liz and I are going to an awards show that Coops has been invited to.

That’s all for tonight. Twas a nice day. Not quite a day off, but then that’s the ideal schedule, right? That I get to work for three days in the week, and then the four days off actually allow me to have days like today that are jam-packed with a lot of stuff to do, and they don’t throw off the overall schedule. ugh. I’m so work-obsessed, aren’t I? Well, it’s definitely who I am. It’s in my DNA. And, I think what I’m actually trying to accomplish here is integrating that into my life in as healthy a way as possible 😛 I hope so, anyway.

Good night!