Day 489: Clash of the Know-it-alls

Day 489: Clash of the Know-it-alls

Tonight’s artwork is by TD-Vice

Joe and I met tonight to record the first of what is hopefully a regular weekly thing for the two of us, the “Green Collar Podcast.” Green Collar is the name because last season I batted around doing a regular written blog about the A’s and I got my hands on — see, it could tie in there with that site. I don’t know, we’ll see how seriously we take it, but we sat down tonight, recorded in pretty short order, and I was able to edit it together pretty easily.

The whole idea was born from the fact that there’s only one other A’s podcast out there right now, and as someone who is in the very very small minority of people who would actually *listen* to an A’s podcast…well, I felt like I could do something more up my alley myself than what I was able to find. I mean absolutely no disrespect to another A’s podcast – for reals, anyone who’s willing to sit down and talk about the team that I love is 100% a-okay in my book. I just know how I like the shows I have on my playlists to be, and it wasn’t already out there. Joe and I are both obsessive A’s fans, and we’re both completely bonafide insufferable know-it-alls…it’s the perfect mixture. We can go toe to toe with each other to get our voice in, make fun of each other and laugh…really just have a good time, *genuinely*, whether we agree with what the other person says or not. That’s magic right there in terms of broadcasting. We’re definitely the right kind of pairing. We’ll just have to see if it’s something we continue to do on the regular or not 😛

So, that happened today. I got a little bit of writing done, and a little bit of editing. I took a nap with the Ho, walked the dogs in the rain, took Coops to Agility with Liz, and we watched half of Beyond the Black Rainbow to cap off the day. I’ll finish it on my own tomorrow, but it’s definitely not a movie I can say I’d recommend unless you’re high and want to get simultaneously bored and creeped out. It’s very trippy, and not in a way that’s visceral in any way. It has zero pace, zero script, and the visuals which start out so interesting and pretty…well, with nothing to support them, they become tedious and indulgent. Liz said it best when she said she felt like she was watching someone’s school vimeo project.

I think that’s it for tonight. Time for the sleeps. Tomorrow is a work day. Hopefully that helps me feel more like myself. I was doing pretty well until today went off the rails in terms of routine. I haven’t really made myself a routine on these off days yet, and it’s definitely something I need to do. They can get too all over the place for me, and that can leave me feeling likewise all over the place. Adrift, I guess. Work, tomorrow, will ground me. I just need to focus on the task at hand. The writing, too, must get back on track tomorrow. Get this new pilot outline started.

Good night!