Day 498: Hijacking

Day 498: Hijacking

There was a hijacking afoot today. Very draining day, filled with work drama. It would seem, however, that the drama has been curbed. I hope so, anyway. I didn’t get any work done. I could have towards the end of the day, but I was so wiped out from that craziness that I passed out on top of my bed. Not even inside of it.

Tomorrow has to be successful, and it will be. No distractions. I got up on time today, and I will again tomorrow, that’s all there is to it.

I did do some “research” towards the very end of the day while eating dinner and hanging out with the Ho. We started “Raiders of the Lost Ark,” and already it made my creative wheels start to whir and turn in my head. Suuuuuuch a good movie. I remember watching it for the first time with Jadon Troyer, my best childhood friend up the street from me. He was the one who introduced me to Star Wars as well, as a matter of fact. The first one, anyway.

I remember watching that movie with him and giggling our 7-year-old asses off when Indy shoots the black swordsman in the marketplace after he spends a good 30 seconds trying to intimidate him with his sword prowess. Indy was simply the coolest. His whip was the coolest, it was so cool to see him have to work on the fly when shit went wrong…Liz was heart-fluttering over on the other corner of the couch every time Harrison Ford was looking particularly roguish, also being transported back to her childhood. She was the president of the Harrison Ford fan club.

I also didnt realize how old the movie was. It was released in 1981! I had no idea. I’d never really looked at the release date before.

Anyway, it was totally impromptu and it was really really cool to watch it with the Ho. It was one of her movies on rotation constantly when she was a kid, and likewise for me, it was a movie I’d sit down and watch any time I saw it on anywhere.

It did its job: the wheels are turning on this new script. I’m excited.

Tomorrow: work. It’ll feel nice. These past 6 days have been an exercise in patience and stamina, that’s for sure. Goodnight!