Day 503: Refuel

Day 503: Refuel

Artwork tonight from Alexey Leonov and Sokolov Andrei Konstantinovich.

It was a good two days off, guys. Just what I needed and wanted. I definitely could use a couple more days to fully recharge…but you know what? It’ll do. Life is never going to give me exactly everything I want, apparently, so I guess I have to suck it up and stop being a bitch.

Did another podcast recording with Joe tonight, and it was a blast, as usual. Got it all edited, which was *much* more straightforward this time around. We gave ourselves a structure to adhere to, and I kept my eye more or less on the clock, and it was perfect. We almost perfectly hit 30 minutes. We both feel that’s about right for what may eventually be a weekly podcast. Anything longer, and we’re just getting into boringness. Anything shorter, and we don’t get to really get into arguing with each other.

Also did agility with the Coopey-doo, and Coco came along to watch. Watched a little spring training baseball that was on the old TV. The wifey and I went out to dinner together; nothing fancy, it was a soul food type outing. We went to the BCD tofu house out in…Encino, I guess? They valley, whatever city that is. Had some Soon Tofu, drank some Hite beer, and just kinda checked in with each other.

THEN we came home and we watched the finale of The Jinx on HBO and HOLY SHIT THAT SHIT IS BANANAS. And, it’s even fucking crazier because it’s happening in real-time. I mean, the dude was just arrested a few days ago and they’re going to try him for murdering the woman in Los Angeles. Seriously, what a mind-blowing show, and what an experience watching it AS SHIT IS HAPPENING in the real world. It’s a totally, completely perverse sort of thrill…I mean, the guy KILLED people (allegedly), and we’re consuming it as entertainment. That is a very fine line to walk between reality and entertainment. I think they actually did a very tasteful job of it, I really do. We’ll see how it all shakes out, won’t we?

So yeah…that was my day. It flew by, a little more so than I’d have liked, but it was also filled with really fun stuff, which I’d take any day. Tomorrow, it’s back to work, and that includes writing, I’m happy to say.

Till then!