Day 504: And whotnot

Day 504: And whotnot

Tonight’s dope dome-work is Klaus Bürgle’s First Colony on Mars

Got writing done today. Not *nearly* what I should have in an hour, but goddamnit, hhjjgfi4t67ihjnmkp-lop09ikm8n7hg btojlouws4de5ryk9.mtb g5locnd45 tv6by8=[p-;lo0k, hnj es4bgy hkp;li9kuhy7km,de y u

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Nope, that is not crazy ass cyber code from the NSA (I watched Citizenfour today, just sayin’), that was the Ho taking over my keyboard by force and trying to type with her forearm. Super successful as you can see.

What I was SAYING, O INTERRUPTING BEAR OF MINE…was that at least I had a writing hour today, and then went on and crushed my day after that by keeping on target for each hour I worked. It was a day like the days of old, when I actually had the focus and discipline to keep a steady pace for work throughout the day, even with distractions, and get a shit-ton done with minimal stressing and feeling “behind-ness.”

Tomorrow shall be more of the same, with a little wrinkle here and there, but a work day regardless. Hopefully some “easy” lessons get posted at some point during the day and I can still get through a full work load even with the detours.

But, yeah. Life is steady. I’m in a rhythm. It feels nice. The pups are sleepy, and so am I. It’s bed time. And ON TIME tonight. That’s huge. A huge win.