Day 512: Stumble at the finish line

Day 512: Stumble at the finish line

Artwork tonight from Shusei Nagaoka. That’s me, working away, in a 70s scifi dual-monitored work station, happy as a clam.

Today was badass…right up until the last two hours or so. Sigh…it’s not the end of the world, however. Tomorrow, I will work as much as I freaking can, and I *will* be successful. It’s a certainty to me as I sit here writing this post. I’m going to bed “early,” so I’m sure to be up early and on-time.

Writing happened today, and it will happen tomorrow. But, yeah. Tomorrow is it. The day to do the catching-up. I was tempted for a bit to dive in and do it now, stay up late…but that just wipes me out for the following day, and that’s no good. No good, indeed. But it is happening. I can feel it. I just mapped out my whole day tomorrow in my head, and I’ll do the same on paper in a minute, as soon as I finished writing this entry.

I crossed another finish line today; I finished the last episode of Star Trek, the original series, as it’s known to those in the know. I actually found that I didn’t hate the 3rd season as much as I was told I would. I’ve seen many, many of those episodes before, granted, so I pretty much knew what was going to go down…but I honestly found there to be about the same mix of “good” “decent” and “horrible” episodes in Season 3 as there were in Seasons 1 & 2. The highs, perhaps, were not quite as high, but they were still there.

Now, I’m onto the next series, which is The Animated Series. It’s the only trek I haven’t actually watched. The last remaining vestige left uncovered by this obsession of mine. Once I watch these 22 animated Trek episodes…I will have watched every series. Actually! That’s not quite true. There are still a few episodes of TNG sprinkled throughout that I’ve still never seen…so there is that. I guess I can make that statement, the “I watched it all” once I get through TNG. Which, at the rate I’m going with my work, should be some time around the end of this summer, or early into the fall. It’s amazing how much Trek you can go through when you’re really just kind of “listening” at work 😛

The animated show is clearly a kids show. It was a Saturday morning cartoon, after all, and so I completely look at it as such. The animation itself sucks, but man, there was some ambition going on. Especially with the creatures, and the landscape design. Some cool stuff too with characters and gadgets. I’m a fan. You just have to expect a kids show, that’s all. Cartoons back in the 70s hadn’t caught up yet with the cutting edge stuff out there, like in Japan.

There’s this one particular episode that I saw as a kid, a really, really long time ago…so long, I couldn’t tell you anything about the episode, except that I recognized it was Kirk and Spock and McCoy on the screen, and they were standing on some sort of circular console/platform, and it was transporting them to various locations…I remember one was a forest…it was like they were looking at slides, deciding where to go…WELL. I want to find that freaking episode. See if my memory of it is actually accurate in any way. It made quite an impression on me. I wanted to see that show! I never saw it again, and even that one time, it was a very fleeting encounter. I didn’t watching anything more than just the one visual…all of maybe 30 seconds. We’ll see. Hopefully I encounter something that matches up somewhat with that memory 😛

That’s all for tonight, you guys. Tomorrow is an important day. No distractions.