Day 516: A win, and a Loss

Day 516: A win, and a Loss

So, I am DONE with my editing for the month of March. Right on time. After all the ups and downs of the past month, there we are. Done. That feels really, really nice. It means I’m all “caught up.” It means I can have a “normal” week this week. THAT is my singular goal for the month of April. To find that schedule that I’ve proposed to myself might be nice to live inside. The reality thus far has been much more uneven.

Today was the day of the Shih Tzu meetup. It was over by Elysium Park, which is in the hills just above downtown LA. If you’re not familiar with LA at all, just know that it’s the hill that Dodger Stadium is on. We had about 16 dogs today, and it was HOT, and it was super fun, and mostly it was just adorable. Both Coco and Cooper were wonderfully behaved, social, happy, and relaxed. It’s seriously so freaking cool to have a big group of dogs like that and see how they all interact with each other. It really is their natural environment, to have that many companions all around at the same time. It makes them happier animals, I really do believe that.

The loss today was that the writing “finishing” that I had so desired did NOT happen. I hardly got any work done in the morning, which was when I was hoping to COMPLETELY finish my editing work, and there was just no way that was possible. So, after the meetup, which we got home from around 5, I ate some food, took a half hour nap, and all of the sudden it’s after 7pm and I have a solid 3 – 4 hours of editing work still to do.

So, I did it, and it just means I have to bust my butt for another week or so on TWO projects to make sure I don’t fall behind. I’m sitting here feeling frustrated that Icarus draft 4 is not completed…but at the same time, I’m also feeling completely confident that I *can* still stay on track. A couple hours tomorrow, and then a couple hours next week, and I’m still right where I want to be…just a few days later than I had hoped.

Anywho, I’m almost done with Ready Player One, and now I’m going to go try and finish that tonight before I drift to sleep. We’ll see. I might have to finish it tomorrow. It will be two books read in three months this year…so that would be a win 🙂

Good night, guys. May images of 16 fluffy shih tzu’s panting in the afternoon sun fill your dreams tonight. They will for me, that’s for sure.