Day 549: Ultron

Day 549: Ultron

Dear Bloggity Blog,

What’s up? How are you? How was your day?

I haven’t seen you in a few hours. I guess I’m feeling weird bc I’m sitting down to see a movie right now and usually I’m talking to you. So…that’s weird. I feel a little guilty, I guess. But it’s for the AVENGERS!! The new one. Obvs. And I think we can all agree that it’s a totally valid reason.

I had a great day. Thank you for asking! Got some editing work done, walked the pups (they were fluffy and adorable), got some writing done (more outlining than writing but you know what that means).

The Oakland A-ssholes lost again. But that’s not really news, isn’t it? OH SNAP. BURN.

Um…let’s see…what else happened?

Helped the Ho with her audition. OH!!!!!!! I got enchiladas from Poquito Mas and they were delicious!

Yeah, that’s pretty much it. It was a chill day. Slow paced, didn’t do anything too quickly.

The Ho just reminded me that I played tennis with Reed this morning. I got winded at a couple points during the game. So, even tennis was pretty slow paced to be honest with you.

That’s two blog entries where I talk about age. Don’t start thinking it’s a trend Mr.Bloggity-Blog.

Have to go. Movie is starting soon.


Best Friends Forever,

Ps- Age of Ultron was awesommmmeee