Day 551: The Laziness

Day 551: The Laziness

I’m feeling a bit guilty right now…I took such a full day off, I didn’t even get my writing hour done. I should feel guilty for that shit. I had one job! One job!

Damnit. I need, then, to figure it out for tomorrow.

The Ho is gone for the weekend. She’s up with her mom and sister in Portland for her birthday. It’s always weird when she’s out of town. It doesn’t feel quite right. Sure, it’s nice to have the house to yourself sometimes, especially if it’s a day off…but mostly it just doesn’t feel right. You end up missing them, and I definitely miss her. The pups do too. They always seem to get mopey and a little clingly whenever one of us is out of town.

I watched two movies today, which was embarassingly a goal for this resting weekend 😛 I watched the rest of Muppets Most Wanted which the Ho and I had started a few days ago and then stopped because we either got busy, or just knew from the opening bits that the movie was going to be kinda crap. Well, it was. Kinda crap, that is. Definitely sub-par, and definitely in need of new writing and direction for the next one they inevitably make.

I also watched Evangelion 1.11: You are (Not) alone, which was…a steaming pile of crap. I don’t how the fuck they thought doing a shot-for-shot “remake” of the first, oh, six episodes (somewhere around there) of the TV series in 90 minutes was going to be anything but entirely redundant and fucking awfully paced…but they certainly succeeded in making it that. It was *gorgeous*, let me tell you, but an absolute waste of time if you’ve seen the series. In fact, I’d bet you it’s a waste of time regardless, because this movie was CLEARLY made to be almost entirely referential. They pack so much expository bullshit into this movie, I doubt anyone who wasn’t already familiar with the story and characters would know what in god’s name was going on. And, since I *have* seen the series, and have literally seen these scenes all before…well, it was a complete waste of time. The visuals were stunning before in their original form, without the re-drawing and CG upgrades. It was terrible. Very disappointed.

I also started watching The Wire on our HBO Go account. Yes, yes, I know, I’m like 10 years late on that love boat. But, I’ve just never set aside the time to watch it. Well, I am now. As much as I can fit in this weekend, and then probably over the course of my next few weeks of off-days. A couple episodes here and there. It’s a solid 13 episodes this first season, so it’s a lot to get through. I love it already. I can see the concept they’re setting up, a specialized task force to take down a drug ring being built from day one. What a great idea for a show. I’m in 🙂

That’s it for tonight. Today was exactly what I wanted it to be, minus no doing my writing. Anyway, tomorrow! More coming at ya!