Day 554: Crushed

Day 554: Crushed

What I love most about tonight’s artwork piece from David Schleinkofer isn’t that we apparently will still go traveling in winnebago’s, but that someone has BUILT A CITY IN THE MIDDLE OF MONUMENT VALLEY. Dude must be German…that’s a National Park, yo. Ain’t gon happen.

As in, I *crushed* today. 24 minutes of editing work? Done. Full hour of writing work? Done. Living life like a person-who-crushes-things? Also done.

I think tonight’s entry is gonna be a bit short because I’m feeling the desire to read a bit. And, I still have to get up tomorrow at the normal time. Sad face. No fancy plans for tomorrow. Have a bit of catch-up work to do, seeing some friends, gonna get a single hour of writing done, and then try to relax for the rest of the time. Watch the baseball game, perhaps, maybe scorch through some The Wire episodes. It’s an “off day”…and I have to say, this whole work-two-days then have an off-day, then work-two-more-days and have two off days is really looking quite…appetizing to me. Not sure why I picked “appetizing” since it clearly denotes and connotes the acting of eating…but hey. It’s MY blog grammar police! Or…would that be style police. I think it’s option number two.

Ya, I’m looking forward to this work schedule because that third day of a stretch always seemed to be such a struggle. I mean, I got used to it, obviously. I made it work for me, and it worked for me quite well. But, because of that discipline, I guess, I’m feeling extremely satisfied right now sitting in bed after only having worked a second day in a row and looking at having a day off. Two days off, actually, since I decided to have two days off during the week and only one on the weekend. It just makes more sense that way, I always have apartment stuff to attend to, you know? It gives me a day to schedule as much of that stuff as I can, and then (in a dream world) a day to just completely relax. And then another one of those on the weekend. Sundays.

Lots of scheduling talk, I know, but that’s what’s running through my head. I’ve redone my scheduling this year, like, three times, but what can I say? When you make your own schedule, you have to power and responsibility to figure out what works best for your goals…well, that’s how I feel, anyway. Clearly.

The A’s won today 2-1. It’s the first time ALL SEASON that we’ve won a 1-run game, and where the bullpen actually came in a bailed out a starter who had gotten himself into trouble and the lead was tight enough we could lose it. First time. Not good for the past, but hopefuly encouraging for the future.

That’s all I got! Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens are calling my name…as is my pillow. GOODNIGHT!