Day 569: Melvin the Magnificat

Day 569: Melvin the Magnificat

So…I’ve had the image of this particular cartoon cat pop up in my head every now and then since I was a wee lad, and never ever knew where he came from or what his name was. Only that it was this creepy cat who had boxes on either side of his head with, like, birds inside them or something…and that the movie I’d seen it from was suuuuuuper freaking weird and creepy, and invovled people being turned into boxes or squares or something and building this big castle.

Well, today was the day I finally figured out what the hell it was that I saw back when I was…7 or 8, I think. Maybe younger. It’s this japanese animated movie called Unico on the Island of Magic…and I found it by searching for “creepy 80s cartoon movies.” How amazing is that.

What I remembered was the cat with the boxes on his head…but I would have probably searched forever trying to find that. No, what I found was actually this picture, which somehow looked right:

Ya. That. I have no freaking idea how it worked…but it was the only image I clicked on from all the others, and I’d been scrolling for a few minutes, and it brought me to a page on IO9 titled “Unico is the most horrifying children’s movie ever made.” And there was the cat! I had a name of the movie, and I found the name of that damn asshole cat that had totally creeped me out and compeltely fascinated me at the same time: Melvin the Magnificat. Sounds cute, doesn’t it? He wasn’t. He tries to kill the main character, the impossbily innocent Unico when they first meet.

Anywho, kinda want to watch the damned movie now, see what it’s actually like. It was a weird encounter when I first saw it as a kid. First of all, I distinctly remember not watching the whole thing. I saw bits and pieces, and remember seeing the end and thinking “holy jesus, what is going on here?” It was also at somebody else’s house, and they’d put the movie on, which is why I had no idea what the movie was.

Mystery of childhood solved!

Otherwise, today was fairly uneventful. Did my couple hours of “off-day” make up work, did my writing hour and sketched out a scene I’m totally not happy with yet…but at least it’s sketched out now. Coops went and got his furs cut…I took a nap. Watched the A’s lose. Oh! And, I finally went and got myself a bottle of the bourbon I decided I liked  from my taste testing a couple weeks ago. Woodford Reserve. Had a tiny glass with dinner, neat of course. It was delicious 🙂 Only thing about that is that shit makes me tiiiiirrreeedddd. And, it wasn’t even close to a full pour. I’m such a lush…

Good night!