Day 599: The sun will come out

Day 599: The sun will come out


Trippy artwork tonight from Eddie Jones that somehow perfectly captures this entry tonight and how I feel.

Sigh…today was a lost day. There was a large chunk of it out of my control, other duties I had to attend to that sucked up the majority of my day, but then in the end when I had some time to rally and at least get SOME done today of what I wanted to…I let those hours pass by busying myself doing other things.

I hate it when I do that. Succumb to the distractions. It’s the most frustrating thing, actually. The other stuff, when I’m called away…well, there’s not a whole lot I can do about that stuff. It’s out of my control. But, the time that I get once those things are finished, that is within my control…and very, very often, I’m not able to “recover” from the lost momentum.

I will say this: it’s not going to happen tomorrow. Tomorrow is going to be a badass day for editing work. I guarantee it. And, then, maybe I have two more badass work days to start next week, and suddenly I’m not so far behind after all. I’m calling it. It’s going to happen. I’m going to “calendar” it right now. It will make me forget about today, and not sweat it.

I did do a fair amount of writing today. Not so much on the pilot, but the opening to my new novel occurred to me, and so I wrote it. I also corresponded with a fellow writer about Icarus, which felt nice. These are some of the things I did while I *should* have been working in the late hours of the day. At least it wasn’t just surfing the web, or otherwise losing myself into a space-time continuum black hole.

Liz’s mom is in town, which is always nice. She came to see Liz’s show, and I gather that tomorrow she also has an event, a part, that she wants to go to. It’s so easy having someone in the workout room. We put up curtains so they get a private space, we blow up the air mattress, and then have like their own wing in the apartment. It’s awesome. Makes having guests rather pleasant.

I think that’s it for tonight. This blog will actually be posting before midnight. A minor miracle. That’s something I’ve gotten away from this year, getting to bed before midnight. I’d like to change that. I certainly get more rest when I’m in bed at 11:30 (or thereabouts) and writing this blog. Gives me a little time to read, too, which I love.

More tomorrow, after what is sure to be a very long, but very satisfying day. Wish me luck!