Day 616: The mother of all hijackings...

Day 616: The mother of all hijackings…

Ya…so today as in work? Did not happen. At least not how I planned it. Instead, the mother of all plumbing jobs happened 😛

That’s slightly hyperbole. It was by no means the worst it could have been. Oh, no. It could have been way waaaay worse. As it was, it was a job that sounded like it was going to take two hours, and instead it took 10. That’s more where the “mother of all” comes from…it looked at first like it was going to be so simple, but it was not. Not at all.

Water had to be shut off. Multiple plumbers had to come out. Malik workers had to come out to cut out shit. Everything was more complicated than we thought it was going to be at every little juncture.

And, actually, it’s too early to ring the victory bell. We have to give everything a chance to dry and settle, and then see tomorrow if there’s still a problem in there somewhere. That will be the real test; everything nice and dry and happy a day later. If THAT happens…well, THEN we can all raise our glasses to a job well done. Please lord let it happen tomorrow.

So, unfortunately, that is a whole work day editing-wise that’s just going to swallowed and left behind. My schedule, as ambitious as it is, just doesn’t allow for such “lost” days to be made up. I’ve tried that, it doesn’t work. So…we let it go.

At the end of the day, that is a reality of my job, my apartment job; when disaster strikes, I have to be there. Other paying job non-withstanding. AND…to be clear, the Ho was a fucking rock star today helping out with babysitting the various workers. This job, however, was simply too large for a usual passing of the baton from one of us to the other, whoever needed to get something else done the most. It took the both of us today, which is why I’m really so grateful Liz was around. She made it 100,000,000 times easier and less stressful than it would have been otherwise. Neither of us did anything else today.

Plumbing…we’ve gotten so good at it as a society, it’s like this invisible thing that we totally take for granted. It SO important. It can ruin everything you have if it’s not done right. A leak, even a small one, can ruin all your shit in no time flat. Seriously. There are two legitimate emergencies in any apartment building: a fire, and a water leak. Everything else is tough titties compared to those two. And plumbing is the only thing standing between you and ruin right now, at this very moment; those copper, plastic and cast iron pipes are saving all your shit right now, and the plumber who put them all together.

Just sayin. Go give your plumber a hug. And your apartment manager if you have one. Some days, they just get totally hijacked and there’s nothing they can do about it 😛