Day 623: Like a boss

Day 623: Like a boss

Man…crushed today like a BOSS. It was a combination of some good fortune, some hard work, and just otherwise bossitude. Yup, that’s “boss” and “attitude” smushed together. You’re welcome.

Found some fun new music this morning from the Spotify viral hits playlist, which has been on POINT the past couple weeks. Watched some Season 5 DS9, which is soooooo good. Except I did watch one terrible episode 😛 I don’t know what to say about it, really, except that the staff was way off the mark for a week. It involved Worf, Dax, Bashir, Leeta, and Quark all going to Risa. Worf and Dax are fighting, there’s a fundamentalist group on Risa that is trying to mess things up…it was boring as fuck. But, the rest of season 5 is soooo goooood, y’all. Seasons 4, 5, and 6 of DS9 are about as good as Trek ever got. That and seasons 5 and 6 of TNG. Maybe add on season 4 of TNG, too. It seems Trek shows hit their strides in those seasons. I wonder why…

Anyway, got all my editing done, even though I was behind for a decent chunk of the day. That’s where the good fortune came into play. An instructor that I used to count on to feed in some easy lessons every so often dropped off the face of the planet this year…well, she’s back. At least she was tonight. And I pounced on that shit and it saved my day. Oh, that and I realized I never gave myself credit for a lesson that I did last month. THAT’S always a christmas miracle.

Then I did my writing, and I blasted through the outlining for my pilot. The outline is now done. A day early, I do believe. Which isn’t really “early.” I’ll be going over it tomorrow for an hour easily. I really REALLY trying to keep things short and sweet with this pilot. Setup, setup, setup, and stick to 50 pages. Wish me luck with that 😛 It’s not an exercise I have much practice with.

And now it’s midnight and I’m ready for bed. I didn’t feel tired today. That was freaking amazing. And I didn’t have to many distractions. We did get to see Derrick today, he was coming by to drop off this Trek toy he bought for me from Comicon. He’s so cool. I like Derrick, it’s always nice to see him, and we don’t get to hang out very often. We briefly discussed seeing Antman together as a foursome, but that got nixed. Gary has other priorities that day 😛

Tomorrow is more of the same. More editing work. But, I should be back on track after a solid day tomorrow. And it should be a pretty solid day. I have a bunch of math lessons to plow through. I only hope they don’t get snatched away from me. We’ll see how that goes. Then on Wednesday, I starting WRITING this new pilot. How crazy is that??? I’m super nervous about that. But, I’ll be all caught up with my editing work, and barring more interventions from the Apartment Building gods, I should be able to STAY on track with that. Ie- it’ll just make it easier to keep up with the writing and finish earlier in the evening. That’s the idea, anyway.

See you crazy kids tomorrow. Coco has snuggled up in between my legs, and just let out a big sigh. It’s time for the sleeps. I hear you Coco, I hear you.