Day 624: My Friday

Day 624: My Friday

Yes, it was my “Friday” today…two days “off” starting tomorrow…yes, I know that’s already too many “quotes” for one entry…I’m an addict. That goes for ellipses, too…

Hit my goal for work. It wasn’t the cleanest affair, ie- I had to slug it out a bit towards the end due to some slacking in the middle of the day, but whatever. I finished late, but I got it done. It feels good, man. After struggling for so much of this year, I’m rolling deep at the mo’.

Got some feedback on my Icarus script today, so THAT was awesome. I have to pick through it very carefully, but that won’t be for a couple months. It *does* still make my chest flutter for a minute when I first see a notes email…BUT, it’s also being accompanied now by genuine excitement. Notes from fellow writers = some really good ideas on how to make things better. That’s what I’m learning. And that shit, you look forward to.

I’m feeling very happy to be in a place *finally* with material to share…material that’s far enough along to be able to share. That feels soooooo good. And, man, moving on now to my second pilot script…that’s just the best feeling. PROGRESS.

Anywho, it’s almost 1:30 😛 Time to go to bed. Tomorrow is rest day. Looking forward to it.

Also: watched more of Inside Llewyn Davis today with lunch…and fuck, that movie is depressing. I mean, it’s actually quite funny, but it’s goddamn depressing. Not sure if I love it or I hate it. Might be too close to home. We’ll see how it end, doe.