Day 635: Vernon, CA

Day 635: Vernon, CA

So, the Ho and I finally started watching True Detective last night, and while we both definitely agree this season is already disappointing to say the least…I *did* finally realize something interesting about his setting. The first shot of the premier…I think…is of this water tower that I instantly recognize. In the show, it reads “Vinci”…which I *knew* was a stand-in for the actual town name, I just couldn’t remember the real town.

Well, in the second episode, which is what we watched tonight, there was A LOT more stuff about the crazy politics and nature of this town in the middle of LA, just south of downtown. Maybe part of me had actually heard about the real life corruption and stuff, but more likely I’d just heard about what an odd city it was. Well, two plus two is actually four in this scenario. In the show, Vinci is protrayed as this super corrupt place…and in real life, Vernon is this town of 100 people in the middle of LA, the *only* people who live in the city are those who work for and run the city, and the rest of the city is all industry. So, something like 100,000 work in the city of Vernon, but *literally* none of them live there or get to vote on what happens. How crazy is that shit? Oh, and some crazy corruption and shit…like this city administrator who gave himself a $500,000 per year pension, and the guy who was mayor for 50 years.

Anyway…I thought that was super interesting, and a genuinely fascinating choice from which to build a murder mystery. So, it gives me a little hope, at least, that maybe some good stuff is coming. Not a lot of hope, given how painfully overwrought every one of these characters seems to be so far…but a little  hope. Let’s put it this way: season 1 was fucking baller (until the end). Polazzo may not be all that, but he is talented. I have some faith.

I worked today, and from some good fortune and just staying focused, I was able to finish work reaching my full goal at 6:30 – in time for dinner and then a badass nap, which I definitely needed. I was explaining it to Liz, but I get tunnelvision on these lessons sometimes. That’s the best way I can describe it, really – kind of like when you’re on a highway and you’ve been driving for too long. I get it with editing, or at least I have this year a couple times. I can’t seem to engage into what I’m editing, my brain just pushes it away and disengages, even if I’m trying to stay “present.”

Well, that was definitely happening towards the end of the day, on the last lesson I checked out especially…but I was able to slog through and finish right on time. Early.

No writing today, but I’ll make it up tomorrow. I think I’m going to finish my first draft tomorrow. That would make it 3 days overdue…not bad, y’all…not bad.

My beard is out of control. Just saying. It’s so long now…and I’ve got another 4 weeks to go. I can’t even imagine. I should take a photo for the post tomorrow, just for posterity. I’m just saying, it’s over the top.

That’s it for tonight. See y’all tomorrow 😉