Day 643: [oops, no title]

Day 643: [oops, no title]

Artwork tonight from Alfred Kelsner.

Whew. Another busy day today…and no napping! But, I think I’m good. I don’t anticipate being too tired tomorrow, it was fairly easy-going.

We watched the new Mission Impossible movie downtown in…FOUR-D. Actually, it was normal 2-D plus the 4th dimension…what the hell does that mean, you might reasonably ask? Well, the movie itself wasn’t actually in 3-D. In order for a show to be in 4-D, the movie has to be in 3-D, you know? That way, when you add the moving seats, the air, and the sprays of water, THAT’s the 4th added dimension to the experience…I just don’t know what you call that, you feel me? When the movie’s not in 3-D.

The movie itself was fun. One of the better movies of the summer. Now…not great. I had several issues with it. But, overall, it was pretty good. Entertaining to say the least. I thought the last movie was far, FAR more ambitious with its scope and stunts…but the script on this one was a little better. And the bad guy was fun. That’s super important, you know. Having a good bad guy.

I was also going to buy an Apple Watch today, but I found out that if I get it through a friend, he actually gets a friends and family discount. I’d texted him on a whim, figuring we’d go to his store and buy it from there to say hi. I had no idea they were already offering a discount…which makes me think it’s not selling nearly as much as they thought it would.

I’m still excited about it, tho. I’m honestly not expecting the watch to much except let me quickly see texts from my phone, answer phone calls, and show me the time. Seriously…all the advanced stuff, I really could care less about. I’ll watch my steps with it, and my heart info, sure…but really, I’ve just been wanting a watch for a long time, and one that I could use with my phone. Mission accomplished. I saved up my “allowance” money for the past four months, trying to spend as little as I could, so I could buy it without blowing a bunch of extra cash and taking a hit on our savings. It worked. I can afford to get it now…tho it *will* make things a bit tight for me this month with all the trips we’re taking.

Anyway…work day tomorrow, and rent roll with the Ho. We’re doing it together so that she knows the ropes. The idea is that she’ll be able to take over the building for me on days that I’m working, and I’ll be responsible for everything during my “off days.” That would be a dream come true. If you read this thing with any regularity, you know it’s my days that get hijacked away from my editing work that grate on me the most…so a HUGE thank you to the Ho, who will likely bop me on the head and say “fucking right, thank you” while I’m falling asleep and she reads this. Love you boo! A window into a happy marriage. You’re welome.

That’s it for tonight. Sleepy times!