Day 670: Workin in a coal mine

Day 670: Workin in a coal mine

Goin down down.

My favorite part of that song is how happy Devo sounds when somebody falls down. In a mine.

Worked today. It’s almost 1am already, which means sleepy times are needed. I don’t feel tired, which I suppose is good, because I have my freaking work cut out for me. My night tonight was effective hijacked, but it is what it is. We move forward. I’m not nearly as angsty about it all as I was last night. I have all eternity to work “extra,” don’t I? Yup.

I think I feel differently tonight because I was much more focused and productive during the time periods and about the things that I could control. I did my piece, you know? The rest I have no control over.

Tomorrow will be a long, long day, however. Not looking forward to around this time tomorrow, when I have to get that LAST video done to put me over the top. Earn this “vacation” of mine. I put that in quotes only because it will be kind of a whirlwind. I’d count a few days off at home and then our trip up to Santa Barbara for our anniversary more as a vacation 😛 I will say this: I cannot *wait* to hang out with my brother for four days. It’s going to be awesome. Cannot WAIT.

That’s it for tonight, guys. I will link to this video I posted on YouTube, which is something I actually cut together back in 2010, but back then YouTube didn’t have nearly the music rights it does now, and it was an automatic take-down due to copyright issues. Well, it’s up now! I can’t claim any sort of innovation with it, really, since it’s literally just a mash-up…except perhaps that I stumbled upon that particular song and that particular music video and thought they’d be cool together. I think they are. Hopefully you do, too. And go check out the original, true artists from it, Birdy Nam Nam, Daft Punk, M83, Big Black Delta (freaking love him), and Will Sweeney, who also did tonight’s artwork.

More tomorrow!