Day 671: Let the games begin

Day 671: Let the games begin

So…was today a crazy rousing success story to be told for years to come…? No. But, it WAS exactly what I needed it to be, which was juuuuust enough to set me up for success when I get home from this brief little vacay.

Watched some Voyager…I’m in the middle of season two right now. I know! Already! It’s actually crazy to think about how quickly the episodes fly by when I’m working so much. Things got complicated with Seska…she’s a cardassian, and in league now with the Kazon. It’s not a period on the show that I’m particularly fond of…but this time around the Seska stuff is actually fun. The better episodes of the season are the episodes around the ongoing Kazon stuff…and I’m always down for a good holodeck malfunction, you feel me?

The actual work done today was pretty good. 17 minutes…that’s 9 shy of the original goal, which has been the case for 3 of the 4 work days this week, leaving me about 20 minutes of extra work to figure out once I get home…but cest la vie as the french say. I’ll figure it out. I always do.

The savings are at an all-time high. It’s impressive, actually, where the savings are at. All this work is literally paying off…I mean, I knew it was possible when I sat down and started crunching all the numbers…it’s just, well, a bit surreal to see it all happening now. It’s a very positive experience…BECAUSE…it makes me think about doing the same thing with my writing and getting myself onto a TV show. Just setting the specific goals…and then putting in the day-to-day effort to achieve them. I CAN do this…it’s not going to be easy, but I CAN. This work schedule I’m now about to leave behind was hard…really hard…but I did it.

Shoutout here to the Ho, whom I was talking about this stuff earlier with…shoutout to her and all her hard work. Our money situation literally would not be where it is right now without HER hard work. It’s a team effort over here, folks, through and through.

We leave tomorrow morning for Portland, so I’ll cut it short here. Excited to see Julianne and see her graduate. Excited to go to Chicago and see Scott. He got us tickets to go see a review at Second City, which sounds like a blast. He’s excited. I’m excited. It’s gonna be awesome all around. AND…I’ll have video to document it all. As hard as this summer of working has been…I will always remember this time in my life with some affection. I’m very happy…and I feel very lucky to be living the life I am living.

Cheers to that. To memories, to the trip, and to the future. Catch you kids tomorrow.