Day 675: Chicagoland Day 1

Day 675: Chicagoland Day 1

The day that Scott and I walked 11 miles around the great city of Chicago and barely scraped the surface.

Tonight’s artwork is from Syd Mead.

It started with getting up pretty early (for Ira, on west-coast time) because Scott had a PT appointment for his neck, which has been bothering him for a while. He made a smoothie, which turned out well, especially given the fact, and I quote, “not all my smoothies always turn out well.” Inspiring, I know, but it was delicious.

Then we hiked out of the apartment, twice because we wanted to get sweaters (and good thing we did cuz it was windy and slightly cool later on in the day), and caught a bus down into downtown where he goes to therapy. I chilled in the waiting room for a bit while he did his thing, and then we trooped across the way to check out the Northwestern medical campus, which is adjacent to the Northwestern hospital which is freaking HUUUUUGE. Very impressive.

We got donuts from a place I can’t remember and they were delicious, and we continued our hike around the place, checking out the various buildings and such, until it was time to head back north towards Wrigleyville to catch the Cubs game. The L got us up there and the game was awesome. We got chicago dogs and a couple beers, and enjoyed the overhang we were under which kept us nice and shaded and watched a pitchers’ duel between Jon Lester and Corey Kluber, which the Cubs won on a walk-off home run from Kris Bryant. Very fun.

Then we hiked down back towards downtown and got some food close to where Scott and Addie *used* to live nearby. Got a flight of beers, they were delicious, and recharged the food batteries. It was a solid 2.5 mile walk from Wrigley, and we were starving by the time we got there…and not in the hanger way, but like, the food was extra delicious because we’d walked to get it.

After the good food and the beers, we headed out back towards the lake shore and Lincoln park and walked around down there. They have this really cool water marsh kind of area where the Cicada’s were going bananas making all kinds of noises I’d never heard, and the sun was going down. It was really pretty and nice. We caught the L once we got up to Fullteron, and a couple stops later, we were back home and kinda crashed on the couch and drank some juice and watched this cartoon Scott is into, and I showed him the Nic Cage losing his shit compilation video.

Now, we’re beat and ready to sleep so we can do it all over again. Lots of walking! 🙂