Day 680: Saturday felt like Sunday

Day 680: Saturday felt like Sunday

It was my Sunday, I suppose, given that I’m going to start my “work week” tomorrow…it definitely FELT like one.

I didn’t sleep as much as I did yesterday, but there was just as much laziness. At least until the very very end of the day, when I was doing some dishes to get the ol’ dishwasher runnin’…and the sink backed up…on both sides…and the simple run-the-garbage-disposal-to-clear-it didn’t work.

I was about to try my hand at opening up the pipes and clearing whatever had gotten stuck out with my fingers when Liz suggested we try using a plunger first. Well, it didn’t work…but it DID give me the idea to run the disposal AND the use the plunger on the other side at the same time…and that worked! We high-fived, applauded our teamwork, and now the dishwasher is humming away nicely.

Let’s see…I watched Edwin Encarnacion of the Blue Jays hit three home runs and collect 9 RBI today in one game. A three-run homer, a two-run homer, and then a grand slam. Nine runs batted in…that’s cray cray.

I watched Gunga Din, which was clearly the inspiration for my least favorite of the Indiana Jones flicks The Temple of Doom…it was actually one of the better of these adventurers in a stange land movies I’ve seen. It was certainly problematic in terms of racism and cultural insensitivity, BUT…the script was stronger than most, it was exciting, and I enjoyed it. The “treasure hunting” was most definitely secondary to the plot in this one, it was much more of a military movie, kind of like how The Treasure of the Sierra Madre was really much more of a cowboy movie…but the influences were clear. Thuggees, the goddess Kali, and so forth. Even the look of the bad guy was copied in Temple of Doom.

I walked the pups and worked on my goals for the rest of the year, which made my heart pound, that’s for sure…but I wrote them out. Now, I can plan on how to attack them. These next four months will be pivotal. Starting AFTER the next two days, which are very simple: just get editing work done. After that…my world expands.

Tonight I watched Rear Window, which I’ve seen three or four knock-offs of, probably, including one from that 90s math show Square One, in which they had math detectives solving crimes called “Mathnet” (like Dragnet). It’s such a classic movie, I loved it from the opening scene. The dialogue was *incredible*, like a play by Tennessee Williams or something, truly exceptional, and Grace Kelly is a fucking fox. Jesus. Love her. It was such a good movie. The suspense factor definitely doesn’t translate any more since the movie’s been done and redone so many times now, but still…it was a romp. Loved it.

It’s time for bed now, after some reading, which was something I said I’d get back to in my goals for the rest of the year. So much to do! Feeling good. It was a great day. Nervous about my work day tomorrow since I’ve been off for a week, but I think I can handle it. We’ll see. Wish me luck!