Day 681: Ze Werk

Day 681: Ze Werk

Tonight’s artwork is from Chris Foss.

Editing, editing, editing…and fucking around. That’s what I did today. A bit too much fuckery here and there, as I ended up about 5 minutes shy of my (albeit overly ambitious) goal. “A pattern?” you might astutely observe…yes. Unfortunately.

Well, it’s not gonna happen tomorrow, y’all. I have too many math lessons to get my hands on, once they’re posted. It’s going down for real.

A’s won today, which was a nice surprise. On a day that Jesse Chavez pitched, no less…a good sign. He’s actually gotten stronger over his last several starts, kinda putting to bed the idea that he can’t start through a whole season. It’s clear he can…he just has slightly above average “stuff,” which when not on point becomes super hittable “stuff.” The Jays also won, those crazy coots. They have gone OFF…ever since I started watching. Literally. They were 51-51, a perfect .500 team on July 29th, the day after we (the A’s) traded Kaz and officially gave up completely on our season…and I’d been reading about this historically good offense up in Toronto that was being wasted…and then the Jays went off. They’re now currently 74-56…which means they’ve gone 23-5 since I started watching (and they added Price, a bonafide ace to their pitching staff, plus Revere in addition to Tulo, whom they’d acquired a day earlier than the 29th). They’ve won 23 games! In a month! That’s cray cray. If only it was a team I *actually* cared about, as opposed to one I root for because eveyone else makes me want to puke. Ugh. Baseball is rough when your team is bad.

That’s about all I have tonight, I’m afraid. Vitriol for the baseball gods…and the thought that I may not have taken enough time off before getting back into work…but cest la vie. I have shit I want to get done…and I can feel the winds of change gathering once again, like they did almost 3 years ago…I’m ready to break through to the next step, which I really *really* believe is going to be a (shit) job on a TV show. The first ladder run, y’all…the first rung.

Tomorrow, however…more editing. Nose to the grindstone, Ira…nose to the grindstone. This money that I’m earning right now means a lot. It’s worth the effort. So it this building, which gets on my nerves more than it should currently…I’m working on that.

Good night all! I’ll catch you on the flip.