Day 688: Anniversary times

Day 688: Anniversary times

I just had my very first *real* anniversary…you know, the kind associated with a wedding. It was this day last year that we gathered our friends and family on a beach in Maui and got married, Liz and I. It was pretty awesome. I know it was, because both of our sets of parents each came up to us on the flight home and said it was the best wedding they’d ever been to. Not exactly an objective poll…but close enough. It was the coolest wedding *I’d* ever been to.

Liz wants to do a run-down on our “hits” of the last year, which I think is a great idea, so here we go:

-gettin hitched, obvs

-getting the Coco snuggles when we got back from Hawaii

and done. That was easy. Nice! 😛

okay…so there are more…

-the Ramona bowl with Joe and then finding ourselves at Gold Base, the center of power for the Church of Scientology

-bark at the park in Oakland

-our trip up to Portland for J’s graduation

-having Ker-bear stay with us twice, and Ryan, and Phil and Kiel…all of our house guests

-Thanksgiving last year with the Ho’s.

-Kihong’s wedding and reading stories to the King’s kids then going back to party with Kihong

-spring cleaning and re-organizing the office and closets

-seeing Ryan’s house in Petaluma and watching The Interview

So, still not an exhaustive list, but those are definitely some of the highlights. Suffice it to say that it’s been a really awsome year so far.

It’s past 1am already, so it’s time for the sleeps. Not sure if I’m working tomorrow or not…we’ll see how I feel. I’m definitely back to the grind after we get back from Santa Barbara. Huzzah!