Day 690: Squad Goals...

Day 690: Squad Goals…

It is baaaaalllleeerrrrr here in Santa Barbara, guys.

So we’re currently staying at one of our absolute favorite places in the world, for reals…the El Encanto resort in SB, California. Liz found the place as like a groupon or ‘jetsetter’ deal back in…2013, I think? 2012, maybe. Anyway…we came here for her birthday, it *must* have been 2013 because we came with the Coops and went to the dog beach out here…and we enjoyed it so much, I used it as the spot to come to for our anniversary that year and propose that we should be wed to each other.

She accepted…bombshell, I know…and last year we were married out in Hawaii. It seemed a fitting place to come and celebrate our long, hard fought first year of marriage, and we both couldn’t be happier to be here.

We ran several errands this morning amid packing and emailing for various obligations, then loaded up the car around 1:30pm and headed up north along the 101 to fairer climates and greener pastures. And I mean that quite literally…it was 100 motherfucking degrees in Sherman Oaks today. Not acceptable.

Here in Santa Barbara? 85º. I call that improvement right there.

So…El Encanto is a legit five-star resort…and we payin that kinda pricing too…it’s a rather large set of ground with a bunch of bungalows strewn about. Each was renovated about three years ago or so, and they are DOPE. Like, if Liz and I were to decorate our own house, we’d do it head to toe like they did out here…all Restoration Hardware n shit everywhere. Real woods, real stones…all beautiful.

Once we got here, we pretty much jumped straight into the pool, which is on the tip of their little mountain and overlooking the bay/ocean down below. It’s also HEATED and salt water, so it doesn’t sting your eyes or hurt your nose when you dip down into it. Ahhhhhh…the wonders of a heated pool. Seriously…dopeness. We spent a couple hours there with a couple drinks and some fries, listening to the conversations around us (ie- fucking Carol and Scott, they don’t know shit. Lynn has got it tight, though. For real) and reminiscing about our wedding this time last year.

After that, we walked the pups long enough for them to get some exercise and go to the bathroom, and then we went over to the main “house” where the bar was situated and had dinner there. I had the fish, it was delicious, and the Ho had the steak n fries.

After that we came back to the room and hung out together waiting for Colbert to premier on the Late Show. She didn’t like it very much, I did. We’ll see how it goes. Now the Benadryl is kicking in and I’m finding it really hard to spell words like Benadryl…

More shenanigans tomorrow. Let’s do this vacay! 🙂 Happy Anniversary to my amazing wife. I love you bear!

Oh, and HAPPY 49th BIRTHDAY TO STAR TREK. Love you 😉