Day 703: On the course again

Day 703: On the course again

I did it today, finally…I played a round of golf. I haven’t played a round of 18 since…April, I think? It’s been that long. Not like it’s a major priority or anything that I’ve been putting off… 😛 But it was nice to get out there and do it. I shot a 97…which is fine because that’s under 100, BUT…disappointing since I’d played bogey golf on the first, oh, 12 or 13 holes.

Bogey golf is my goal. If I can play that, I’ll be happy. AND better than, like, 90% of the golfers in the world (apparently). Bogey golf means one extra stroke per hole…a +18 doesn’t sound like a good score, but it actually is fantastic. If you’re able to play with just ONE extra stroke per hole, you’re actually really fucking good at golf. That’s how crazy, actually, the pros are. Scratch golfers are probably the top 1% of golfers, meaning they can actually play a course at an even par…well, professionals that can birdie and eagle and shit, they’re the top 1% of that 1%.

Anyway, I know I can break 90. I’ve done it before at Woodley Lakes, I know I can do it again. I had some great shots today…I made 5 pars…there was a lot to be encouraged by. I’m getting better at properly holding my clubs, and slowing my swing down so it’s not so violent. I drove GREAT today, up until the last five or six holes, where I think I just started to get tired. No stamina out there. I haven’t played in too long.

Then I came home and walked the pups and went grocery shopping. After that, I ate and then did my writing hour by going through the Icarus script as promised. That felt good, to have such an “abnormal” day and it being so late in the day and me still being able to get my hour of work done. May it be the first of many such days.

I was just thinking about how I really *really* don’t want to make cold calls regarding assistant work…so I think maybe that means I just need to bite the bullet and do that shit tomorrow. Sigh…we’ll see.

It’s already 1:30. Spent some time hanging out with the Ho, which was nice. I’d been gone alllll day. Not tomorrow! Tomorrow, I am veggin’ out, yo! Rest, rest, rest.

Good night 😉