Day 704: ...

Day 704: …

Artwork tonight is from Chris Moore.

No idea what to call tonight’s entry 😛 We’ll just see how it plays out.

I didn’t do SHIT today. Took care of the pup-pups, took a decent hour nap, did some baby apartment building stuff…I watched a little baseball…played a little Skyrim.

I’m having fun playing the game. It’s actually super easy to pick up. I was a little intimidated by the fact that I’ve literally never played one of those games, and I’m still super horrible at it…but it’s not proving that hard to learn. Can’t say the story is all that hooking for me…don’t get me wrong, I get the impression that this game’s story is one of the better ones out there, and I can tell that’s true…I just mean more that the most appealing aspect to me of the game is the world itself. It’s so pretty, and so fun. And the quests, even though I’ve really only done one “dungeon” type quest so far…well, they’re fun. I like having the missions and then going and doing them. Getting the treasure from them.

We’ll see how far I go in the game. I’m usually a completionist, so I bet I’ll finish it. We’ll see. At this point I can really only handle sitting down to play for about an hour at a time. I do feel like I’m joining a very dubious, but very numerous club…and that I like 😛

Got my writing work done today. Icarus has a lot of work in it…but I have some new ideas. Taking the time away from it DEFINITELY helped to bring back a fresh perspective. Looking forward to having another draft of it done…and I’m hoping one that’s just tight enough to be able to sit on the shelf for a while and just be read as opposed to worked-on. Be the writing sample I want it to be.

Tomorrow is a work day. I’m worried I’ll be tired, but we’ll see. I just need a good solid night’s sleep, and so on that note: to be I am off. Hope you guys all had a nice Tuesday. It didn’t rain down here like it was supposed to (sad face)…and now a gigantic heat wave is coming. Sigh. Good old “indian” summer in LA.

Catch you crazy kids tomorrow!

Oh! And how could I forget the most amazing discovery today: Liz came home with a Coke slurpee and a baf of Flamin Hot Cheetos…and holy shit what a combo. Delicious in the most american-ly aritifical way possible. And that bag lasted the two of us for daaaayyysss. It’s the new treat snack of choice, methinks. At least when we can share. I think it’d be too much by myself 😛