Day 1,096: Ze Solids

Day 1,096: Ze Solids

I had a solid day today, yo. The *only* thing I regret is that I didn’t get my second hour of writing in…but I *did* have an excellent morning session and I got everything else done today I needed to.

The anxiety of yesterday is a memory now…having a solid “routine” day was exactly what I needed. I did actually buy the new computer today, which could have been super stressful and a snowball…but it wasn’t. In fact, as painful as transferring the money out of savings was, it wasn’t the horror show I thought it would be. I realized that it basically only wiped out a month’s worth of savings…and that’s not too bad. That means in a month, give or take, we’ll be back up to where we were savings-wise.

So, yeah…that put things in perspective. I felt better after that. And my good friend Argeesht got me a really, really good deal. Love that guy. We need to hang out more. Maybe we can do golf (finally) before the end of the year.

Anywho, Liz and I just had a spirited conversation about twists in novels, and how if they’re not handled just right, they can ruin the reading experience entirely. Thankfully she didn’t have that experience reading my first draft of Starstuff. But it’s hard to articulate exactly WHY that is. What made my twists work, at least more than the book she read today that we were talking about.

That’s it for tonight. Good night errbody. Have a nice weekend!