Day 1,207: Queen to Queen's Level Three

Day 1,207: Queen to Queen’s Level Three

The Josh and I podcasted tonight. We are now ten episodes away from finishing the entire Original Series. TEN! That’s honestly crazy to think about. Going into Two Guys One Trek we had one condition, one major condition on which we both agreed: we had to finish. The only way the podcast worked was if we finished the whole damn show…and we will do that in just about a month from now. CRAZY.

Granted…we’ve added some seasons: we’re going to do the Animated Series, which will be a friggin blast, and we’re going to do the movies.

Anywho…I worked today. It was Flix work exclusively all day – second day in a row taking a break from writing, and that was after over two weeks continuous. Now, this time it was actually PLANNED time away from that thing. I was definitely getting some burnout. But, I’m back at it tomorrow. My manuscript is waiting to be picked up down at Staples, and it’s onto the very last phase of this rewrite: line edits. I write them in, step 1, and then type them in, step 2. And then I am sending that shit off to an editor to get some outside eyes to be like “this is what you need to fix, yo.”

Coco is still going to town next to me on her Whimzee stick next to me right now. She’s been chowing down on it for like 15 minutes at this point. Coops is done and passed out down by my feet.

I have had a break-through, or perhaps just a reminder, over the past couple days about what it means to get your dog down on the ground and submit until they are relaxed…it has to be done in a way that’s positive for the dog. It’s not a discipline action to have them lay down and submit…it’s something that should make them feel calm and safe. Calm and safe are positive things, they’re not the result of anger or discipline. It should be something that they look forward to. And that mindset, that goal for me, has made a big difference in how they respond to me making them lay down and submit. I can feel them relax when I do it, and I can see how actually grateful they are for that – they know they can trust me to handle a situation for them, they don’t have to worry about it any more, they can just follow me. THAT is a happy dog.

Oh! And we also got the final version today of our Season 2 artwork for TG1T, and it looks sooooooo gooooooodddddd. Seriously. I’m not showing that shit here, no, you’ll have to wait for an artwork reveal during our run-up to the season 2 drop date…but, guys…it’s DOPE SHOW. Our artist David fucking killled it.

That’s all I have for you tonight. More work for me tomorrow…more good times.