Day 1,208: It's Fri-yay!

Day 1,208: It’s Fri-yay!

It’s Fri-yay errbody! 🙂

I have the music blasting right now on me ol earbuds and life is good. Sitting at my desk tonight for some inexplicable reason…but it all works out because I can listen to music while I write my entry.

It rained in LA today…by which I mean it the heavens were split wide open and the waters did crash upon us and wash all of us of our wickedness and dustiness and everything, I mean everything, else. It POURED. Jesus. I have never seen it rain in LA like it did today. I’m not sure what the total inches were today, but no joke, over half that total was dumped in the span of maybe 30 minutes. It was INSANE.

Work went well today, even if it was a rather unstructured and unconventional day – that didn’t phase me for whatever reason, I just got my shit done. I finished my Flix project, which proved to be a bit more difficult than I expected…I’m therefor expecting some notes from the team, but we’ll see. I’ve felt that way before and then received super positive feedback 😛

I got all my narrations done for the FIRST time with me new setup back in the closet. Yes, haha, make your “Ira’s in the closet” jokes, snicker snicker(s)(mmmm), go ahead, see if it phases me. It doesn’t bc I got my tunes playing, yo! …but yes, I am now doing narrations in the closet. It’s taking getting used to, but I actually think in the long run it will save me time. The acoustics are professional-level perfect in there, which means no post-tweaking, which saves me at least a couple minutes with each recording. Dope!

Two days off from the manuscript: complete. Tomorrow I start reading through and marking that shit up. I had an idea for reworking the opening scene…exciting? Perhaps. We’ll see how I feel about after this readthrough.

I must remember: a work of art is never finished…only abandoned.



Artwork tonight is from Greg Winters…and if you look close…THOSE ARE TOTALLY REBEL FIGHTER PILOTS AREN’T THEY? Those are TOTALLY those orange Star Wars jumpsuits. Greg. You sneaky bastard.