Day 1,356: Swaaaggg

Day 1,356: Swaaaggg

Just spent the past two hours with the Ho working on swag for the Vegas Trek convention…Two Guys One Trek shall be there and reppin’ yo! Much excite.

I had a very solid day of work today. 3,400 words, I do believe, and some down time as well. I’m contemplating going all out this coming week…trying to hit 10,000 word days for the majority of the week…get myself set up for the home stretch of this book. That would be rather amaze balls, to be honest. I don’t know if I can will do it, but I know I *can* do it. I feel it in my bones. I know it’s possible.

That would put me on pace to finish this second book at the end of July, and if I can then churn out the third book in August…well, shit. I can release this trilogy before Christmas comes along and sucks up everyone’s time and money. Apparently, christmas can be a rough season for indie authors, at least authors who are starting out like me. It’s because the traditional publishers really amp up their promotion during that time, there’s a lot of gift-giving buyers who don’t usually read anyway, and it makes everyone’s rank suffer who’s an indie author during that time. I want to try and avoid that, if possible.

There are authors I know who have said “fuck it” and published anyway during that time and have been fine…but I’m trying to set myself up for success as much as I can. We’ll see how it goes.

Just had to step into the kitchen for a little “I think I just broke our faucet” moment –faucet is fine– but now we’re back.

So…yeah. I, uh, I’m feeling more bold. More confident. It’s going to be an adjustment, still…and I may fail…but at least I’m feeling right now like I can go for it. I’m starting to figure out these new character relationships and arcs, and I’m *finally* understanding how important that is to writing a compelling scene, and really, a compelling novel. What is the path each of these characters on; once you know that, your scenes start to line themselves up, and I’m not talking about the plot…I’m talking about what the characters are DEALING with as the plot unfolds – what are these conversations/arguments/thoughts they’re having as the story moves along. 

It’s great. It’s so great…I’m learning how to write. It’s the freaking best thing in the universe and I love it.

So, yeah. Today was a good day. We’re going to the beach tomorrow and I’m taking the rest of the day off…and then Monday, I’m going balls to the wall writing. Boom.

And being ready for STLV. Yaaaaasssssssss.