Day 1,357: The Fourth The Fifth

Day 1,357: The Fourth The Fifth

I love my wife.

We just spent 10 minutes going through a rolling stone article on the meaning(s) behind the lyrics of “Hallelujah” by Leonard Cohen. And it was because she’d been playing it on her ukulele and singing along.

Also…we just had a debate about whether or not Yoda actually says “skywalker” when he dies. And he does. I win. But, also, we found this:

Anywho…we had a blast of a beach day. It was cloudy there, I accidentally pushed her to the ground in the middle of the road at one point during some shenanigans that went south (never gonna live that one down), we found some so-so agates on the beach because it was super low-tide, and then we came home and hung out with the pups.

GAME OF THRONES was on tonight and it was SO DOPE. Cold open for the win. Arya Stark is just…my favorite. She’s my favorite. And the Hound. His character arc on this show is SO FUCKING GOOD. And Danerys. Friggin love her shit. You know what, I love all of dems. That show is so goddamned good.

That’s all for tonight. Tomorrow…

…we ride.*

*”we ride” = “Ira writes a lot”