Day 1,381: Production Junction

Day 1,381: Production Junction

I had a very, very productive day today, and that was despite having jury duty.

I got my writing done. I’m further along than I’d feared. I got up “early” and went to the courthouse to have time before the start time to sit and get done what I needed to. That was dope. It makes me think that during stretches when I’m having a hard time focusing at home, that I should have a place to GO and get some work done.

So, yeah. I’m going to have this odd rewrite of “Starstuff” ready for my proofreader by Monday easily. Then, next week, it’s back to Starstuff 2: Electric Boogaloo. I realized today, as I was walking back to my car from being in court, that I should really think hard about why it was that Starstuff was such a pleasure to write. One factor, I think, is that I wasn’t rushed. Another factor, I think, is that I was doing it purely for fun. And another factor, a really big one I think…no, I *know*…was that I had a long, detailed outline of exactly what was supposed to happen.

I had it in my head very clearly where the story was starting, where it was going, and where it was going to end up. I don’t have that quite yet with Starstuff 2…though I probably do, actually, if I sit down now and write it out. So, that’s what I’m going to do. In outline form, too, since that’s what I had before. Granted, I ended up changing about 50% of that outline when I wrote the actual book, but that’s because I thought of BETTER stuff as I went along. Right now, it still feels like shooting in the dark sometimes, having no good ideas.

So, yeah. That’s the new step; getting an old school outline done.

That’s all I got tonight. Can’t talk about anything else, really, because that’s the law. I’ll be happy when this case is done.